Sifnos cuisine

The Sifnian cuisine is famous. After all, the head chef of the 20th century Nikolaos Tselementes was born on this island.

Make sure you try the delicious “mastelo”, which is lamb cooked in a traditional clay pot usually served with rice or potatoes, revithokeftedes (chickpea balls), caper salad and string beans with garlic sauce. Other incredible local products include the exquisitely aromatic thyme honey, the xinomizithra cheese, which is usually added in the Greek salad, the chloromanoura cheese, which is used as the basic ingredient for the traditional Sifnian honey-pie, and the spicy manoura, which is truly unique.

At Sifnaika Konakia you will have the chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast, made with local ingredients, and collect the fruits of your choice from the trees of the estate. You will also enjoy our special Sifnos Sunday’s Lunch.

And if you are interested in finding out more about the local cuisine, we can arrange for some inspiring cooking lessons.